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In order to give the world a unique twist on cookie flavors, Little Dipper Delights was developed. As part of our business, we involve our supporters in everything we do, from new flavors to giveaways. Furthermore, as we grow in business, we love to hear how we are doing. That's why we rely on our supporters to help us reach our goals since without your support we can't provide our high-quality customer service. Please join our cookie family and follow us on our social media channels to stay updated.

HOw It Started....

Tyeshia .S.


It was around 2017 that Lil Dipper Delights became an interesting project idea. The creator of Lil Dipper delights was a young, intelligent woman in her early 20s. She used her passion for art and cooking together as inspiration for her unique flavors of cookies. The flavors later inspired many desserts. Her brand grew, so did her supporters, and Lil Dipper Delights became more in demand. The owner now has over six flavors of cookies, made from her own recipes. Do you know how great they are? IF YOU DON'T KNOW, WHAT YOU'RE WAITING FOR?

"OMG!! These cookies are amazing!! Totally not what i expected but an awesome surprise. Gourmet at the finest!! Check out the WEBSITE!!You wont be disappointed."

Andrea (July 14, 2020)
North Carolina

"Good Afternoon, They are so good, I savor the taste of each cookie. Love them all, will order again. Those little things are enjoyable."

Christina (July 06, 2018)
North Carolina

"OMG, these cookies are so good."

Netta (August 04, 2019)
North Carolina


Whether it's a question, concern, or complaint, Little Dipper Delights is here to help. We are always interested in hearing how well we performed from our clients. Feedback is vital to our growth. We thank you.


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